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Beyond zero-sum games: Instead of mandating "green power" and greater efficiency, why not mandate MORE COMPETITION in power markets?

October 11th, 2009 No comments

To my disappointment, it turns out that Joe Romm, who  maintains the Center for American Progress` Climate Progress blog, didn`t let through my prior comment about how our discussions about green/efficiency mandates ignore the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, namely, inefficiency stemming from the lack of competition in consumer electricity markets.

But I`m not so easily discouraged; on the heels of Google`s roll-out of software and a monitoring device specifically to enable consumers to more efficiently use electricity, I tried again (toned down so he would not have to see how guys like Steven Milloy mirror him).  Here`s the comment I submitted:

Joe, on the issuie of mandates, both you and Henderson fail to consider WHY our power system isn`t MUCH more efficient and doesn`t provide greater consumer choice – namely, grants by local governments of power monopolies and related regulatory balkanization.

Let`s not forget that the “ethical” argument for interfering with the market for electrical products is based on the fact that local governments have prevented competition in local markets for power generation and distribution.

That there are huge efficiency gains to be made in improving consumer electricity markets is precisely why Google is focussed on providing consumers with greater information about their electricity consumption.

Thus we see one of the continuing problems presented by the fight for control over the wheel of government: those who want to steer it their way are so sure they`re right – and convinced that the others are stupid or evil – that they can`t be bothered to try to notice or try to achieve shared objectives.