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Environmental damage as theft: report by prominent enviros "highlights the need for secure ownership of wildlife resources by poor people"

June 2nd, 2008 No comments

Yes, even enviros recognize the importance of clear and enforceable property rights in protecting wlidlife.

A new report by TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, and WWF finds that “Well-managed wildlife trade has the potential to deliver significant development benfits for the world’s poor.”   According to a press release, the report “In particular, … highlights the need for secure ownership of wildlife resources by poor people.”  The press release further noted:

According to Dr Susan Lieberman, Director of WWF International’s Species Programme: “Trade in wildlife products can have a significant positive economic impact on people’s livelihoods, childhood education, and the role of women in developing countries, provided it is legal, well-managed and sustainable.”

Conversely, wholesale ‘plundering’ of natural resources and illegal trade not only deplete wildlife populations, but also deprive poor communities of vital livelihood benefits. 

It’s good to see important environmentalists becoming quasi-Austrians in recognizing that property rights deficiencies – and the stripping of resources by non-owners – lie at the core of environmental problems.

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