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Duck Hunters Are Becoming AGW Nuts (reports the Evil NYT)

December 12th, 2007 No comments

[Snark Alert!]

Duck hunters (and state game departments) are noticing climate change and are changing their individual and group behavior. 

See the NYT December 11 article, “In Duck Blinds, Visions of Global Warming”,

A related but older piece with anecdotal discussion of changes in Arkansas is here:

Any real hunters looking at this might remember that in 2005 the National Wildlife Federation released its own report on climate change and the impacts that that organization expected on duck habitat and hunting.  The NWF’s report, “The Waterfowler’s Guide to Global Warming“, can be found here:

And finally I have stumbled into this radio ad from NWF’s lobby arm, National Wildilfe Action: “How To Go Duck Hunting Without Ducks”:

Just what we need – more damn rent-seekers, and with guns!

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