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Corporations exist only because they are made by acts of legislative power of Governments

Cross-posted from the “we build our society” group on Facebook:
Sadly, it seems that most if not all of the progressives here want to deny what cannot be denied: that corporations exist only because they are made by acts of legislative power of Governments. They also want to deny that the special characteristics that Govt give to “corporations” are the very attributes that lead to harms to others/social ills that continually fuel more regulation of corporations by governments.

It’s hard to discern why they have these views–perhaps, because they are so ingrained in seeing Govt as their sole savior in fighting against corporate Frankensteins–but they are clearly incorrect, as a legal and historical matter.

Be that as it may, as a matter of understanding and attacking the roots of our problems, it behooves progressives to investigate and understand how government and corporations shape the incentives and influence the behavior of the people who find themselves within them.

Not only do corporations exist only because of Govt, but it is clear that the reasons why corporations play such negative roles in society and have corrupted Govt are their state-granted characteristics that would NOT exist in a “free market”. Sole proprietorships, partnerships, associations and co-operatives do NOT have #LimitedLiability, unlimited lives, unlimited purposes, and the businesses do not have legal entity status different from the owners.

Fixing our society requires fixing corporations; here are some useful reads:

The fact that now corporations are easily made does not alter their essential nature as creations by Governments. But even if you want to play that game, the fact remains that to fix our problems we need to reform the building blocks of heavily Govt-influenced “capitalism”. If we don’t we are simply disempowering ourselves, while growing a fascist, job-destroying corporate police state.


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