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A liberal's take: Obamacare shows government "is totally corrupted by corporate and other special interests"

Here’s another post of the quoted title by Joel Hirschhorn that I thought worthy of your attenton (emphasis mine): 

Everything wrong, rotten and evil with the political system surfaces in the current health care reform bills in the Senate and House. It should make Americans sick and furious that their elected representatives are selling them out, providing benefits to corporate interests and making national finances even worse than they are already. Members of Congress have been bought by corporate money and have made deals so that they can get reelected.

It is not merely that the government is dysfunctional and inefficient. The real tragedy is that it is totally corrupted by corporate and other special interests. The concept of a republic with representative government has been made meaningless. To apply the concept of a democracy to the US is plain stupid. Only delusional people support a delusional democracy.

In the end, President Obama and Congress will congratulate themselves and tell Americans that they will benefit from whatever bill is signed into law. But as many trustworthy analysts have already revealed, lobbyists have succeeded in ensuring that the seemingly few benefits to the public are heavily outweighed by the financial benefits to the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, for example. Huge amounts of money will be transferred from taxpayers to corporate interests, placing the nation in even worse financial shape in decades to come.

In a sane and true democracy a revolution would be brewing to overturn such a corrupt government. But Americans remain distracted, hopeless, and disinterested. The two-party plutocracy run by rich and powerful interests continues to successfully control and manipulate the public with the help of corporate news media.

I keep meeting Americans and those from other countries who see all these dismal truths, but clearly the vast majority of Americans have lost the revolutionary spirit upon which their country was founded. British tyranny was so easily seen. Today’s tyranny by the plutocracy that greatly harms at least one third of the population remains victorious.

Despite millions of Americans that go hungry, homeless and jobless without access to health care, and with too little energy to become political rebels, the greater number of those in better financial shape seems more than willing to ignore the decay of a once great nation.

When the health care reform bill is sign by a grinning President Obama it should not trigger happiness. It should spark major riots in the streets by Americans willing to fight for a true democracy.

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