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Does the LRC post on "When Goliath Is the ‘Victim’" refer to BP?

So I wondered when I saw William Grigg’s “When Goliath Is the ‘Victim’” post at LRC last month.

The first paragragh hinted at the answer, while leaving me hopeful:

How does one simultaneously swagger and simper? Is it possible for someone to beat pridefully on his chest, even as his lip quivers in self-pity? Apparently so, given the evidence provided in Charles Krauthammer’s column today (December 3).

A little more reading left me disappointed, as I couldn’t help recalling the sympathies expressed by Lew Rockwell and Stephan Kinsella for poor li’l BP:






But I keep forgetting that we love statist corporations here, and hate the foolish “enviros” and other citizens who think that their only recourse against them is a bigger government.

Will I ever learn? Here’s to hope in the New Year!

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