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Hell and High Water: in the summer of our discontent, has anyone noticed the very strange weather?

Well, yes, indeed; many have – not the least the Russians experiencing weeks of never-before-experienced hellish temperatures and the Pakistanis with floods covering a fifth or more of their country. We also had floods battering New England, then Nashville, then Arkansas, and then Oklahoma.

What’s going on?

For those of you who have NOT paid any particular attention, but whose curiosity is piqued, here are a few links that may help, in reverse chronological order.

Each of these articles is worthy of a full read.









This, my friends, is just the tip of the iceberg for the warming that is expected, both from the delayed effected of existing CO2 levels and as economies pump further CO2, methane and other GHGs into the atmosphere. Even if we were to stop on a dime and cease ALL CO2 emissoins, the world is expected to further warm.

Nor does this address what climate change is doing to the oceans.

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