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Disturbing news/views on the manageability of the BP gusher

[I’ve switched this around to reverse chronological order; most recent first.]

I  note that some of the scariest views come from Matt Simmons, someone who has long experience with and good contacts in the oil industry, though conversant is not a technical expert. His surmises so far have all proven more accurate than the nonsense coming from BP and the Obama administratrion. He also apparently is now shorting BP, so has an incentive to talk them down. But we have obviously been deliberately getting the opposite of honesty and transparency from BP or the administration, so what do we have left but speculation?

June 17: http://www.floridaoilspilllaw.com/wolf-blitzer-theyre-sitting-what-on-a-billion-potential-barrels-of-oil-this-thing-could-really-explode-expert-says

June 15 Lori Rothman






June 7 Ratigan

June 7: http://emptywheel.firedoglake.com/2010/06/07/senator-nelson-says-bp-well-integrity-may-be-blown/

[View:http://www.bloomberg.com/avp/avp.htm?N=video&T=Matthew Simmons Interview About BP Oil Spill &clipSRC=mms://media2.bloomberg.com/cache/vWQpBSBrTTFg.asf:550:0]

May 28th interview with Bloomberg’s Mark Crumpton and Lori Rothman

The “relief well may very well NOT work; so thirty years at 100,000+ barrels per day  (an Exxon Valdez every three days) is a real possibility. Apparently there is A LOT of subsurface oil.


May11 interview:



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