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Yandle on the Tragedy of the Commons and Environmental Regulation

The Library of Economics and Liberty has just posted a new hour+ podcast featuring Bruce Yandle.


 “Bruce Yandle of Clemson University and George Mason University’s Mercatus Center looks at the tragedy of the commons and the various ways that people have avoided the overuse of resources that are held in common. Examples discussed include fisheries, roads, rivers and the air. Yandle talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the historical use of norms, cooperative ventures such as incorporating a river, the common law, and top-down command-and-control regulation to reduce air and water pollution.”

Two other interesting podcasts/presentations by Yandle are here:

“Economics and the Environment: Public and Private Choice”, http://www.mercatus.org/events/eventID.168/event_detail.asp

“Getting Warmer: Addressing Climate Change and Environmental Policy”, http://www.mercatus.org/events/eventID.430/event_detail.asp

And further podcasts can be found here:  http://www.mercatus.org/people/id.127,type.3/people_link.asp

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